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Projects “make things happen”

Whether your projects involve creating a new product, building a new facility, maintaining existing facilities, or installing new equipment and systems, successfully completed projects are the means by which all organizations build their future. Successful organizations understand their livelihood is derived from winning new projects and managing them – planning, staffing, tracking, and doing the work to make it all happen.

Programs join individual Projects with different focus, different deliverables with related elements and common overall scope

Programs have a larger scope (than projects) and provide more significant benefits. They are a wrapper around more than one related project.

Portfolios are:

A portfolio is a collection of programs, projects and/or operations managed as a group. The components of a portfolio may not necessarily be interdependent or even related—but they are managed together as a group to achieve strategic objectives.

Talk to Curt or Wendy at Project Integration (PI).

If projects and entire programs are vital to your organization’s future and bottom line profit, PI can help bring the success you expect. As an experienced provider of project management software solutions and services, PI has assisted hundreds of companies find better, surer ways to plan and complete their projects successfully. Talk to us. We will show you how improved project management processes and technology can make better things happen for your company and your valued clients.
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